Booking Appointments

Please call Island Salon and Day Spa at (816) 697-1853 to reserve your appointment.

Walk-Ins are always welcomed, but scheduling an appointment will ensure accommodations.

  • Booking 1-5 days in advance is recommended to secure your best choice of appointment dates and times
  • Please inform us at time of booking if you are planning to share time at the spa with a companion so we can
    attempt to match your schedules and experience accordingly.
  • Please advise of relevant health conditions at the time of booking and when filling out your health form so that
    our professionals can offer an experience tailored to your specific needs.

Minimum Age Requirements
Island Salon and Day Spa welcomes youth 15 years of age and under, when accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Health information is required by law for certain services from all guests, regardless of age. A parent must provide
written permission for massage therapy for youth under 18 years of age.

If unable to keep your appointment, kindly give us notice as soon as possible so we can arrange our schedules

Check In
Please check in at least 10 minutes prior to your first service to give yourself the necessary time to discuss and design
your experience and complete a basic health form, if applicable. This information is accessed only by your Licensed
Massage Therapist or Licensed Esthetician during your appointment, and is stored in a secure location.

It is important that the health information you provide is complete and accurate. This information is confidential and is
required by law for Licensed Massage Therapists. This is a request that we now make for aesthetics services as well.

Health information is collected in order to promote a safe and healthy environment for our guests, to ensure continuity
of information from one visit to the next, and to assist in customizing treatments to individual needs, particularly if there
are medical issues or allergies which could have contraindications for certain products or services. Your health
information should be updated as it changes. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

To avoid disappointment, please be on time. If you are late, it will result in a shortened appointment or a rescheduled
appointment with applicable charges.

Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates are available as Dollar-Value Gifts in any increment. Gift Cards can be purchased at the spa or by
telephone. Gift Certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

What to Bring and Wear
A robe and a secure space to store your belongings is provided. Almost everything else you need is here as well
including: shampoo, conditioner, body lotions, hair tools, hairdryers, and other toiletries you may need.

  • During your treatment your body will be professionally draped at all times so it's up to you whether you disrobe
    completely or leave your undergarments on for massage and body treatments.
  • If you are having a pedicure, we suggest that you bring open-toed shoes so your polish doesn't smudge before it
    has an opportunity to harden. Polish can be dry, but takes 24 hours to cure.

What to do: Shaving
Men receiving a facial should shave at least two hours before their appointment. For body treatments we recommend  
that any shaving be done the day before because it is best not to shave on the day of an exfoliation.

Healthcare Insurance Coverage
Some healthcare insurance policies cover Therapeutic Massages performed by Licensed Massage Therapists.
Please note your need for a receipt, which will assist you in doing so. Unfortunately, the spa does not bill insurance
companies directly at this time.

Gratuities are appreciated, at your discretion.
Walk-In Hours
Sunday              Special Only
Monday             10:00 - 6:30
Tuesday           10:00 - 7:30
Wednesday      10:00 - 7:30
Thursday           10:00 - 7:30
Friday                   9:00 - 6:30
Saturday             9:00 - 3:00
Contact Us:
    37904 East Highway 50 Suite 3
    Lone Jack, Missouri  64070

    (816) 697 -1853