These treatments are a total body make-over internal and external! You will find yourself warm, comfortable and
deeply relaxed while you receive all the therapeutic benefits. Body wraps detoxify, firm, stimulate, tighten and smooth
the skin. They help improve circulation, ease muscle and joint pain, rid the body of harmful toxins and help with skin
problems. Warm, organic products will be applied to your skin and you will be wrapped in linens steeped in the perfect
blend absolutely expected from paradise.

Body Wrap                                                                                                
With 60 Minute Massage                                                                            $75        
With 90 Minute Massage                                                                            $90        
With 120 Minute Massage                                                                         $110

Body Exfoliation

With 60 Minute Massage                                                                              $75
With 90 Minute Massage                                                                              $90
With 120 Minute Massage                                                                          $110
Massage & Bodywork
If you wish to relax, relieve your pain and tension, are recovering from an injury, preparing for an event or
could simply benefit from some compassionate touch, this experience will be great for you. Please allow at
least one hour for full body massage. Proper draping techniques, personal boundaries and privacy will be
30 Minutes          $ 35
60 Minutes          $ 50
90 Minutes          $ 75
We also offer Reiki, Maternity,
Myofacial release, Geriactric, and
Sports massage.
Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment                               
This is an exceptional deep-heat treatment for your hands or feet.
Simply dip your feet or hands into the warm paraffin wax and we will
wrap them to hold the heat. In the end, your skin will be thoroughly
hydrated, smooth and content.  
 ( $ 7 )
Body Wraps   
Therapeutic Massage
ite-Specific Therapeutic Massage                                          $ 40
(30 minutes)
Full Body Therapeutic Massage                                                   $ 60
( 60  minutes)
Reflexology                                                                                                $ 50